This Weeks Torah Portion is Vayechi

In tomorrow’s Torah portion it mentions how Jacob’s (Yaakov’s) last 17 years of his life were spent in Egypt. Before he passes he asks Joseph (Yosef) to take an oath to bury him in the Eretz Yisroel (Holy Land). He gives Yosef’s sons Menasseh and Ephraim a blessing that elevated them to the same status as his own sons. Yaakov was about to reveal the end of days to his children but is prevented to do so. Yaakov then blesses his own children and assign everyone a role per tribe: Levi is the tribe that priests came from. Judah (Yehuda) is a tribe that will produce leaders, kings, and lawmakers. Issachar is blessed to be scholars and Zebulun is pleased to be the tribe to be the travelers. Simeon (Shimon) is blessed with wisdom and the potential to teach others. Soldiers and warriors came from Gad, Dan was blessed with judges, Asher was blessed with olive-growers, Reuben is punished with confusing his father’s bed. Simeon and Levi were punished for the massacre of Shechem and plotting against Yosef. Naphtali is blessed with speed and quickness like a deer. Benyamin with being ferocious like a wolf, and Joesph with beauty and fertility. Later on in the Parasha, they buried Yaakov in Machpelah Cave in Hebron. Yosef dies at the age of 110 in Egypt. He also instructs the nation of Israel to take his bones out of Egypt and bury them in the Holy Land. Before his passing, he tells the nation of Israel that Hashem will remember you and will take you back to the land of your forefathers Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.



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