How to Talk to Your Children About Coronavirus

These times are challenging and are very painful for most families. Coronavirus continues to spread and there is no vaccine. One needs to make sure their children and family are well aware of the risks of this disease. Even children at young ages are curious and are looking into finding more information about the virus. One should find out what they know about it. You should try not to bring up this disease and you should let them ask about it. You shouldn’t panic and stay calm about the disease. Your actions and the way react will cause worry and panic. One needs to be aware of their actions and not feel panic. One shouldn’t panic and conduct themselves as if everything will be okay. Make sure your child practices good hygiene and washes their hands frequently; before and after eating. Make handwashing a game and award them every time they wash their hands. Try not to bring up the subject in front of them and avoid listening to the news in front of them. This too will pass.

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