Education Philosophy

Maohr Preschool program is established to meet the needs of families desiring a warm, nurturing preschool experience for their children in a safe and secure environment. Our classes integrate the High/Scope curriculum, using active learning to promote cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative development. We use a developmental approach to learning; our instruction considers the student’s developmental level. Our goal is to find a level that challenges our students, but does not intimidate or bore them. Teaching in this way produces children who are confident in their ability to learn. We also promote individual learning. Though children develop in certain predictable ways, all children are unique. All students have their own strengths and weaknesses. Maohr Hatorah tries to respect and meet these individual needs.

The teaching staff is the foundation of our quality program. All of our classes are taught by educated teachers who far exceed minimum licensing requirements. Our teachers continue to participate in ongoing professional development and work in teams to provide quality experiences for children. With our experience, enthusiasm and love for every child, we make the preschool experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

We welcome you to tour Maohr Preschool. For more information or to schedule a private tour please call 310-453-2609.

How to Apply

Please call Mrs. Beata Hekmatjah at 310-453-2609 to start the application process.