2020 is Almost Here and We Can’t Be More Excited!

At Maohr Hatorah Preschool Program we are excited to bring in 2020. A new decade, a new school year, and new children. Here at Maohr Hatorah Preschool, we strive to educate all of our children with a Jewish education. Channukah just past and we are starting to teach our children Chumash and about the Parashot. This week is Parasha Vayigash. Each week we spend quality time going over the highlights in each Parasha. This Parasha is really important and shows how an older brother will give up himself for the freedom of his younger brother. Yehudah (Judah) approached Yosef (Joseph) to ask him to release his brother Binyamin (Benjamin). He saw the love and loyalty of his brothers’ and revealed to them his identity. He asked if his father was still alive and they felt shame. The brothers return to Canaan with the news. Yaakov (Jacob) comes to Egypt with his sons and families. Yaakov gets a message from Shamayim (Heaven) knowing it’s a blessing to go down to Egypt when there was a famine and knows the Tribes of Israel will be blessed. Yosef takes the wealth of Egypt by selling food and grains during the famine. Pharaoh gave Yaakov’s family the entire fertile county of Goshen to settle and to dwell. Yaakov’s family had an abundance in the land of Egypt.







Maohr Hatorah Preschool educates all of the children to follow the footsteps of the Torah. Each week our staff go over the highlights and teach the children the midot (morals) of each Parasha and how to be a righteous person. Our staff is very experienced in early childhood development and how we can better enrich their lives. We teach the children the fundamentals of the religion and how one can really enjoy the reward and the zchut (benefit) one will have received.  Our school helps children stay strong in the path of the Torah.

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